I am very passionate about teaching and love engaging with students in the classroom. I currently teach Congress and Public Policy. I particularly enjoy mentoring aspiring political scientists and introducing them to the art of social science research. Apart from serving as a Teaching Assistant for the past five years, I have also served as the instructor of record for POLI 103A – California Politics and POLI 100H – Race and Ethnicity in Politics (by Summer 2021).

Having been trained in college teaching by the UC San Diego Teaching and Learning Commons, I work hard to instill active learning techniques in my classes and ensure an equitable learning environment for all my students.

Teaching Assistant :

• POLI 103A: California Politics
• POLI 11D: Intro to Comparative Politics
• POLI 10D: Intro to American Politics
• POLI 100A: The Presidency
• POLI 100B: The U.S. Congress
• POLI 142K: Politics of Warfare
• POLI 100O: Perspectives on Race in
American Politics

Instructor of Record:

• POLI 103A: California Politics

• POLI 100H – Race and Ethnicity in Politics

A summary of my teaching evaluations can be found HERE

Teaching at Trinity College:

  • POLS 392: Legislative Internship Program Seminar (an academic component of the internship program)
  • POLI 309: Congress and Public Policy
  • POLI 215: Interest Group Lobbying in American Politics


  • Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program, Graduate mentor
  • Summer Training Academy for Research Success (STARS) Program, Graduate Advocate
  • Trinity College Legislative Internship Program, Director

• Policy Writing for Capital Fellowship Program Workshop
• Personal Statement Writing Workshop

I serve as a mentor for my department’s political science research apprenticeship, where I lead a team of 10 undergraduate student researchers as they collect, clean, and analyze novel data. In this capacity, I host weekly meetings and teach a seminar on R statistical programming and primary research methods.

I also recognize the importance of mentoring students from underrepresented backgrounds and supporting their endeavors in academic and professional goals. Therefore, for the past 3 summers, I have served as a graduate mentor for the Summer Training Academy for Research Success (STARS) Program. This program brings diverse students together to conduct rigorous research with UC San Diego faculty and equip them with the necessary skills and information to apply to graduate programs.